Youth Summer Reading List 2021

Welcome to Room's summer reading list for people ages 8 to 18.

While we've curated these lists for preteens and young adults, we believe that books are for everyone. If you're an adult who loves YA, there's a good chance there's a book here for you. Age recommendations are available on each list and then additionally on the individual web page for each book. These lists have many different stories and subjects within them. By no means does it feel possible to read all these books in one summer! Unless you are a super reader. In which case, what a super power you have! You may only be able read one book this summer and that's totally okay. We hope you'll report back on what you loved, or what you didn't, and that you have a wonderful summer filled with reading in the sun.

We highly recommend reading the description of each book to see if it's the right fit for you. Not all of them come with content or trigger warnings. If you need help deciding if a book is right for you or someone else, feel free to send us an email at cc: Alej, and they'll do their best to help you determine if it's a good fit.

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If you finish at least 5 books from any of the youth summer reading lists by September 1st, 2021, tag us on Instagram in a photo of you holding your books with a caption that lets us know which was your favorite book and why. And that's it!