Dear and valued Bookish Wonders,

It's been a wild and upsetting COVID-ful year! While spring has sprung and the desire to get out and live churns within us as violently as we're sure it does the world over, we remain closed to the public for the safety of our staff and community. However, we have resumed the operation of our contactless vestibule collection program!  The vestibule is staffed between 12PM and 6PM daily and orders can be placed via phone, email, or through this very website to be collected from our vestibule upon arrival.  

You may have heard that our brick-and-mortar store is moving; this is true - we have plans to relocate to the near eastside of Madison in early to mid-June.  Orders placed before June 2021 will likely remain unaffected by the move, and we plan to continue fulfilling orders to the best of our ability as we swap locales.  Further information on our moving plans and the new space can be found in the latest issue of our newsletter.

There are eight competent people on our staff who are working as lovingly and efficiently as possible to put books in your hands; we are aware that A***** is often quicker than us, and employs a massive team of underpaid and exploited laborers in order to streamline and cheapen the retail experience as much as is humanly (and inhumanly) possible.  We cannot price-match, we cannot afford to build an app, and we cannot guarantee that your parcel will arrive any sooner than destiny/USPS dictates.  We CAN advocate for the humanity of our staff members, and do our very best. 

We look foward to welcoming all of your beautiful, warm faces and bodies back into the shop as soon as it's safe to do so.  We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to keep up-to-date with our re-opening schedule and any other big news!


Your Room Booksellers