Subscription Boxes

Hello Room lovers
& bookish wonders!


Monthly subscription boxes are now available! You can buy yourself or a loved one a six month or twelve month subscription box!


Small Press Subscription Box                   Small Press Subscription Box
6 MO                                                      12 MO


Roxane Gay's AUDACIOUS Book Club Subscription Box
(12 mo only)


Board Book Subscription
(6 mo)


Nonfiction for Dads
(6 mo)


LARGE PRINT Nonfiction, Fiction, or Mix Genre
(6 mo)


Reluctant Reader Subscription Box
(6 mo)

How does it work?
You purchase the subscription up front and then every month after you recieve one book in that genre hand-picked for you by our Room booksellers! Each handpicked title sent to a subscriber will have been published within the last three months so we can avoid sending you something you already have! If you do recieve a book(s) that you already own and you do not want the title shipped to you, we ask that you donate the book we sent to your local library, to a Little Free Library, or to a friend! There will be no exchanges or returns on any books received through the subscription process.

Well, how do you know what kind of book I'd like?
Good question! In the description of each subscription box there is a link to a Google form that you will fill out to help us get a good feel for what kind of books you'd most enjoy! If you are buying a subscription box for a friend you can either fill it out to the best of your ability, ask their friends and fam to help you out, or ask them to fill it out for you.

What if I want a different kind of subscription that isn't listed here?
E-mail us at with what you're looking for and we will let you know if it's something we can do and what the pricepoint would be!

These COVID times are tough as a small business, as people, and as book lovers. It's hard not to engage with you all about books you love, about books we love, about books we are excited about. It's hard to not be able to see your excitement as you haul a stack of books you've spent the last hour and a half selecting to the register. We hope this new subscription service will allow our bookish community to invest in A Room of One's Own, in our deep knowledge and love of books, and allow us to get to know you better and send you, or a loved one, a little joy every month.

all subscription boxes, like all our mail orders, will be mailed through our beloved USPS!

Your Room Booksellers