Subscription Boxes

Monthly Subscription Boxes

I can't say enough good things!!!
I've loved every single pick and
it's like y'all are reading my mind.

- Happy Subscriber

I've been meaning for so long to drop a line and say thank you
so much for the carefully chosen books I've been receiving each month!
Looking forward to what you'll come up with next
brings joy to my days and I've loved every one.

- Happy Subscriber

Amazing choices so far. Truly a talent to pick such good books
for me after just a handful of Q&As. I've never
heard of either of the ones I've gotten so far
and they're both perfect. 

Exactly what I wanted from this subscription.

- Happy Subscriber


What Are They?
While COVID-19 kept us apart we came up with an idea to do Monthly Subscriptions so that we could continue to be in conversation with our bookish community and continue to handsell new books we were most excited about. You can get one book per month sent to you via the USPS. At this time, shipping is the only option. We may include small promotional gifts sent along from the publisher or advanced reading copies of books if it fits with the book we are sending you -- these are extra gifts and not guaranteed.

How Do They Work?
You purchase the subscription up front and then every month after you recieve one book in that genre hand-picked for you by our Room booksellers! Each handpicked title sent to a subscriber will have been published within the last three months so we can avoid sending you something you already have! If you do recieve a book(s) that you already own and you do not want the title shipped to you, we ask that you donate the book we sent to your local library, to a Little Free Library, or to a friend! There will be no exchanges or returns on any books received through the subscription process

Well, how do you know what kind of book I'd like?
Good question! After you purchase the subscription(s) you'd like, fill out this Google form. We read through every response and check it when we pick a book for you each month.

What if I want a different kind of subscription that isn't listed here?
E-mail us at with what you're looking for and we will let you know if it's something we can do and what the pricepoint would be!

These COVID times are tough as a small business, as people, and as book lovers. It's hard not to engage with you all about books you love, about books we love, about books we are excited about. It's hard to not be able to see your excitement as you haul a stack of books you've spent the last hour and a half selecting to the register. We hope this new subscription service will allow our bookish community to invest in A Room of One's Own, in our deep knowledge and love of books, and allow us to get to know you better and send you, or a loved one, a little joy each month.



Y'all are the absolute best, I have been meaning to send an email
about how to renew my book subscription and then this joyful
email with all of the information lands in my inbox. Thank you!
I have also been meaning to email and say I love the book
subscription so much,  it is the best present I've ever given myself.
I have always wanted to do a book subscription, but kept worrying
"what if I don't like the books?" - I don't know how Gretchen extrapolated
the information from that survey, but I've loved every book I got, 
it is some bookseller magician magic! I love that some feel like
a bookI would have chosen myself and some feel like something I
might never have found if I weren't in this and am excited I get to read!
Truly magical. Also, it has just been such a joy to get a mystery book
in the mail each month, they have pulled me out of some reading slumps
and general slumps and I have really needed that this year.

- Happy Subscriber

I fully intend on purchasing another subscription once this one ends,
probably for a year this time. Thank you so much for offering this,
it's really getting me through!!

- Happy Subscriber

I got this subscription for my friend's kids and she said it's the best gift she's ever
been given! She said it's impossible to find a gift all three kids will enjoy
and it actively makes her feel like a better parent!
I'm renewing the subscription for her as a surprise!

- Happy Subscriber