Roxane Gay's 2022 12mo Audacious Book Club Subscription Box


$35 of each subscription will go to a scholarship for writers of color and Black writers at the First Wave program at UW-Madison.

You can purchase this subscription anytime within the next year. We will not do partial subscriptions. If you do not buy the subscription until, for example, April, we will send you the books from January, February, March, *and* April in your first box.

Roxane Gay has chosen the titles for this book club, they are subject to change and we will follow Gay's lead. Whatever books she chooses, we will send you. You will receive your book for each month in the first week of every month. Roxane Gay has selected books for 2022 through September so far, we will release the rest of the book titles as soon as she announces them.

January 2022: Noor by Nnedi Okarafor
February 2022: To Paradise by Hanya Yanagihara
March 2022: How High We Go In the Dark by Sequoia Nagamatsu
April 2022: Memphis by Tara Stringfellow
May 2022: Ancestor Trouble by Maud Newton
June 2022: Trust by Hernan Diaz
July 2022: Woman of Light by Kali Fajardo-Anstine
August 2022: Counterfeit by Kirstin Chen
September 2022: How to Read Now by Elaine Castillo

Price: $400.00