Puddle Splashing: A Memoir by Jessie Loeb

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"With grace and humor, Jessie Loeb’s short stories focus on the loss of her torch-song belting mother, the heart-melting bond between her and her father, and how she puts to use as a parent now all that she learned from each of them. Like a life raft on the sobering waters of adulthood, Loeb gingerly transports you back to your childhood days with love, wit, and a sense that all the mistakes you may have made up to this point were worth it." - Jen Nails

"Any time Jessie Loeb tells a story, I want to scooch closer and listen. Give yourself a break fro modern parenting mania, and let Puddle Spashing take you away... to your 1980's childhood. Loeb's writing comforts like a soft hand on your Dorothy Hamil cut forehead, and buzzes like the bubbles from a stolen sip of your babysitter's Tab. Jessie Loeb's voice jumps from the page like a juicy secret in your ear, a peel of laughter from your BFF, and a dose of calm to your soul." - Ann Imig

"The purpose of my poetry and storytelling in the book is to share universal experiences and bring readers to the vulnerable table that is parenthood." - Jessie Loeb

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