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Our bookseller Anada champions small presses. She LOVES THEM! Can't get enough of them! And we do, too! Small presses enable lesser known writers, or well known writers looking to explore and experiment in theme and/or style, to put their work into the world and into your hands. The existence of small presses ensures more democracy in the field of writing, publishing, and reading. Small presses make it so that giant publishing houses don't have the final and only say on the stories and voices we get to hold dear. If you'd like to stretch outside your comfort zone, Anada would love to choose books for you. Recipient will receive one book a month for twelve consecutive months beginning the month after the subscription is purchased (ex. if the subscription is purchased in December, the subscription will begin and you will receive your first book in January).

Most titles selected for this subscription box will be new releases but you may receive older books as well.

As with all our subscription boxes, if you receive a book that you already own or that you have already read, we ask that you pass along the book we send you to a friend, a Little Library, or to your public library. There are no refunds or exchanges on books received via subscription boxes.

After you purchase, please have the recipient (or someone close to the recipient) fill out this Google form to help guide Anada's title picks.


Pictured: Toni Cade Bambara

Price: $380.00