bi-monthly ✰ abolition ✰


Recipient will receive one abolition book every other month for twelve months (totaling in 6 books). This subscription will books on include prison, police, and/or border abolition along with books that challenge our ideas of law, power, civility, citizenship, and more.
15% of each abolitionist subscription box will go to a TBA local-to-Madison org fighting for freedom from state sanctioned police violence.

After you make your purchase, please fill out this Google form so that we can best understand what you already know and what you are interested in learning more about.

We offer this subscription for four reasons:

-- to welcome folks into thinking about and imagining what an abolitionist future can look like and how we might form it 
-- to build on what folks already know about abolition, solidarity, transformational justice and community (we all already know so much!)
-- to put beautiful and important books into people's hands and to make abolition work as accessible as possible
-- to build and connect with abolitionist thinkers in Madison and beyond

We would like to acknowledge that there are many, many resources online and that you do not need to buy anything to start abolitionist work but we are here to provide resources, accountability, and support should that be what you are looking for. Abolition is foundational to queer rights and we feel it has an inarguable place in a queer bookstore dedicated to an antiracist feminist mission. 

PICTURED: Fred Hampton

Price: $210.00