6mo ✰ mystery paperback ✰


Recipient will receive one paperback mystery each month for six consecutive months beginning the month after the subscription is purchased (ex. if the subscription is purchased in July, your subscription will officially begin with your first book arriving in August). Your book may arrive anytime within each given month and will be delivered by the USPS. A tracking number can be provided upon request.

After you purchase your subscription, please have the recipient or someone close to them fill out this google form about reading tastes so that we can choose perfect books for you!

If you receive a book(s) that you already own and you do not want the title shipped to you we ask that you donate the book we sent to your local library, to a Little Free Library, or to a friend! There will be no exchanges or returns on any books received through the subscription service. We hope this new subscription service will allow our bookish community to invest in A Room of One's Own, in our deep knowledge and love of books, and allow us to get to know you better and send you, or a loved one, a little joy every month. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your subscription, please do not e-mail our regular e-mail account.

Direct all subscription-related questions and concerns to RoomSubscriptionBox@gmail.com


PICTURED: Nancy Drew

Price: $160.00