Info for Authors

Are you an author or publicist looking to book a reading with our bookstore or see if we would be interested in carrying your book in our store? You have come to the right place! 

Events: A Room of One's Own delights in welcoming authors for events both in our store and offsite at other venues. We support Madison's literary community, and try our best to work with you for a wonderful event experience.

To be considered for an event, please email at least 6 weeks ahead of the prospective date at roomreadings [at] It helps us to know the potential dates, the book being promoted, and any comments you have about the audience it will appeal to, as well as what local connections the author may have to help draw a good crowd.

*Please note that due to textbook season and holiday season, we are rarely able to book events during late August/early September, mid-December/most of January, or Memorial Day weekend. We are also less able to quickly respond to requests for future events during those times of high traffic in our store, so we beg your patience.*

We do not have the staff and resources available to accept every request that comes our way, regretfully, but we are happy to look at all proposals and may be able to help you find another venue better suited to your needs. 

Consignment: If you are a local author with a recently published book (published less than a year ago), we would be interested to hear from you to consider carrying your book in our store.

If you are published with a company we do regular business with, we will look into getting the book from them. If, on the other hand, you are self published or worked with a tiny press, we will need to consider carrying your book on consignment. We cannot accept all consignment requests, but we do our best to support local authors whose work might find readers among our audience.

We take a non-refundable $15 processing fee at the beginning of any consignment arrangement and then pay you 60% of the retail price of any copies that sell. Any unsold copies at the end of the consignment period will be returned to you by mail at no extra charge.

If you would like to read the full terms, just download the consignment form .pdf linked below. Please check with us by emailing roomreadings [at] and telling us a little about yourself and your book before bringing them in.

Email is really the best way to make inquiries and arrangements--please email rather than call the store, as our events coordinator is frequently at the front desk helping customers.