How to Order Desk Copies

If you are an instructor or support staff looking to request desk copies, here is how you can do it yourself! Due to lack of staff and resources due to Covid, Room will no longer be able to assist Fall 2020 instructors in making desk copy requests. Desk copies are complementary copies given to instructors by the publisher when the instructor assigns a book. This is more direct, quicker, and easier to resolve any concerns if books don't arrive.

1) Have your information ready! You will need: Your course information, course title, enrollment, your contact information, and your campus shipping address. You will also, of course, need the list of titles that you have assigned for the course. It is best to request desk copies AFTER your course order has been given to the bookstore.

2) You will want to check to make sure you are using the most recent edition (and format--paperback or hardcover) of the book you are assigning. Most of the time, you can find the book on its publisher's website by Googling the title and author--the publisher is likely to be one of the top results. You will want to take note of the 13-digit ISBN of the book (usually starts 978). Many publishers will have a 'request a desk/exam copy' button or link near the price or ordering information for the title. If so, go ahead and click it and follow the prompts/fill in the forms to make your desk copy request.

3) Google "[name of publisher] desk copy". Often you will be searching a publisher that is part of a larger distribution organization. If you aren't sure, you can usually double check that a book belongs to a particular distributor by searching their website for the ISBN.

4) Follow whatever directions you find. Often, you will fill in a very clear web form with all of the information for your course. For University Presses, they will often want you to submit a request on department letterhead, via fax or snail mail. 

5) If you run into any questions or concerns, please contact the publishers directly!


Please note, Room will not be able to loan desk copies to instructors this semester. Request your titles early to ensure they arrive on time!