Are you accepting used books for sale or donation? We are not currently accepting used book sales, donations, or textbook buybacks. These services are on hold until we reopen to the public.

I'm a University of Wisconsin - Madison student; how can I order my coursebooks? Fall 2020 Students: Please see our Fall 2020 Student Textbook/Course Material Information Page before ordering textbooks!

Can I browse online? We have curated new booklists for you to peruse, booklovers! You can now browse the Booker 2020 Longlist, Books Roxane Gay Has Given 5 Star Reviews, Mushrooms!!!, Rad Science Fiction, Racial Capitalism, Black Feminisms, Black Studies, Police & Prison Abolition, and all of our other rec lists by visiting our 'rec list' page which can be found under the 'Browse' tab of this website's main menu.

Are you hosting any events currently? We have exciting free online events in the works! To find out about 'em subscribe to our events newsletter here.

Can you help me find a book? If you are requesting recommendations or stock check on a title: Have you checked our website to see if it is available to order? If not, please do so here. Please note--the website searches a database that shows availability based on whether our warehouse has it in stock--we may not have the books on hand. If it is an antiracist book, please see the antiracism learning list we made for options to order backordered titles. We currently have copies of most of the major titles in stock, and you will be able to order them with the all-caps backorder products on the list. If you are looking for other recommendations, please check our staff picks and themed rec lists. If you are asking about availability and none of the above steps answer your question, please send your email with the words STOCK CHECK in the subject line.

I'd like to place a large order for my school/organization, how should I go about this? If you are inquiring about a large order (20+ books) for an institution, club, or UW instructor PO: Please send your email with the words INSTITUTIONAL ORDER in the subject line.

Are you hiring? We are not currently hiring. If you would like to be considered for employment in the future you can e-mail us your resume at room.bookstore@gmail.com -- we reference on-hand resumes before posting a public ad. Bookstore and/or library experience preferred.