FAQ for Students on Buying and Selling Course Materials at Room

A Room of One's Own carries a range of new and used course materials for a variety of classes from UW-Madison and Madison College! Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

Incomplete list of courses carried by Room of One's Own for Spring 2020:

AAS 154 Spring 2020

AAS 156 Spring 2020

AAS 221 Spring 2020

AAS 265 Spring 2020

AAS 272 Spring 2020

AAS/GWS 326 Spring 2020

AAS/HIST 321 Spring 2020

ASAM/ENG 150 Spring 2020

ASAM/ENG 462 Spring 2020

ASIA/RS 236 Spring 2020

C&I 506 Spring 2020

CA 351 Spring 2020

CA 950 Spring 2020

CHICLA 201.001 Spring 2020

CHICLA 368.001 Spring 2020

ENG 156 Spring 2020

ENG 242 Spring 2020

ENG 307.3 Spring 2020

ENG 345 Spring 2020

ENG 376 Spring 2020

ENG 455 Spring 2020

ENG 461 Spring 2020

ENG 817 Spring 2020

GEOG 501 Spring 2020

GWS 101 Spring 2020

GWS 103 Spring 2020

GWS 320 Spring 2020

GWS 333 Spring 2020

GWS 340 Spring 2020

GWS 533 Spring 2020

GWS 546 Spring 2020

GWS 660 Spring 2020

GWS 720 Spring 2020

GWS/ANT 443 Spring 2020

GWS/ASAM 240 Spring 2020

HIST/AAS 393 Spring 2020

HIST/GWS 519 Spring 2020

HISTSCI 343 Spring 2020

HISTSCI/ILS 202 Spring 2020

PS 231 Spring 2020

PS 272 Spring 2020

PS 416 Spring 2020

PS/HIST 355 Spring 2020

PSY/SOC 453 Spring 2020

How do I find your store?

We are just a few blocks from campus! We are just off of State St. at 315 W. Gorham St. If you can't find us, just give us a call at 608-257-7888 and we can help. Also note our hours: Mon-Sat 10-8 and Sun 12-5.

When should I stop in to buy my books?

The best time to come in is the week before classes begin. By then, we usually have had time to get most course orders from your professors, order the books (including used copies), and have them ready to go on the textbook shelves.

Should I order my course books online?

You can order them online, but we recommend you stop by the store instead. We offer used copies of as many course books as we can get, and these books are only available on a first-come, first-served basis in our store--they are not listed online. If you decide you'd rather order online, please choose the 'pay online with credit card' option--we only hold course materials if they are already paid for out of fairness.

What if I want to return books for a full refund?

Please note, we only accept course books for a full refund if returned by Wednesday, Feb 6th 2019. Returns must be accompanied by a receipt from our store. If you paid by credit card, we will only refund onto the same credit card with which the item was purchased.

Can I sell books back to you after the semester is over?

We do happily buy books in between semesters! The buyback period starts the week of finals and goes up until the day BEFORE classes begin the next semester. We aren't able to take every book, but we do buy back for ourselves and for a national wholesale company, so we encourage you to check (even if you didn't buy the book from us originally). In general, your best bet is to come in right before the next semester starts--by then, most instructors have told us which books they are using that coming year, so we are able to offer a little more for those titles. You don't need a receipt or anything but an ID to sell books. We cannot buy back looseleaf editions of coursebooks or iClickers.