LICENSED TO SELL: A Choose Your Own Adventure Evening with LAURA PAISLEY BECK

Event date: 
Tuesday, August 6, 2024 - 6:00pm

A Room of One's Own is thrilled to welcome local author Laura Paisley Beck for a choose your own adventure evening with her debut book Licensed to Sell! Join us and choose with the rest of the audience where you want this sexy, gender neutral, detective story to go! 

This is an in person event at A Room of One's Own.

About the Book

Agent life is dangerous. Disasters at every turn! Spy suspicions. Smarmy marketing strategy examples. Alluring acronyms like ENM. Itchy investigations. Heavy happy hours. And so much more!

In this Interchangeable Action Novel©, you are Agent Quinn Jones, a local insurance agent acting like a secret agent. In order to succeed you must overcome a conniving client, mysterious adversaries, and your own mental health problems to succeed. So which is it, Agent Jones? Are you going to land on your feet, supremely successful and on top of your lover? Or will your life self-destruct? The journey is yours.

Readers can't get enough!

 - "an original work of genius!”

 - "a modern day masterpiece!”

Laura Paisley Beck, born and raised in Door County, WI, is a recovering insurance agent and award-winning salesperson from decades of corporate positions in Madison, WI. She has written articles and columns for various publications including the Peninsula Pulse, Door County Living, and Natural Awakenings Magazine. In March 2020 she was a writer in residence at Write On, Door County, where she worked on this book. She also authored one chapter in each of two books the Madison Area Business Consultants group published, We Wish We Had Known.

She currently owns Wa’am Writes, LLC, where she consults on and creates marketing content for social organizations to boost their mission towards a safe, diverse, equitable, inclusive world. She loves being a super hero for other super heroes. Learn more and connect:

Event address: 
A Room Of One's Own Bookstore
2717 Atwood Avenue
Madison, WI 53704