Anne Goodwin, author of Come to the Lake

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020 - 6:00pm
Anne Goodwin event

A Room of One's Own welcomes Anne Goodwin, author of Come to the Lake: Reflections on a Cottage Life!

People seek different means to “rescue” themselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday lives, escape from the hundreds of daily peeks on their smartphones, and seek a sense of peace, solitude and tranquility. Maybe they pursue self-help mentors, study religion, take up relaxing hobbies, and ok, even bury themselves in a book. For Anne Goodwin, she goes to the lake. Rather than preach what may or may not work for somebody else, Anne has captured what works for her, and has shared it in her unusual memoir, Come To The Lake: Reflections On a Cottage Life (Pleasurable Pause Press). It contains the experiences and reflections from life in her family’s 1920s lake cottage on Pleasant Lake in southeastern Wisconsin. The book is a compilation of short vignettes, essays, poems, notes, images, thoughts, checklists, even recipes that are marvelously conducive to lakeside living.

Although Anne Goodwin is the recipient of several small press Independent Publishing Awards, she describes herself as an accidental author. Armed with a marketing/branding expertise with a special passion for high-end print production, it was natural for her to turn her story telling talents into treasured books in her hand. Ms. Goodwin is also recognized as an inspirational and motivational speaker.

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315 W. Gorham St.
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