The Science of Harry Potter (Kobo eBook)

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A fascinating foray into the sometimes-thin line between sorcery and science, from the authors of The Science of Star Wars.

The story of the boy who lived has sparked plenty of interest in the idea of magic and sorcery—but how does the magic in J.K. Rowling’s universe work? Fortunately, modern muggle scientists have uncovered explanations to the seemingly impossible, including answers to such questions as:

  • Will we ever see an invisibility cloak?
  • How hazardous is a flying broomstick like the Nimbus 2000?
  • How has medicine made powerful potions from peculiar plants? (Felix Felicis, anyone?)
  • Can scientists ever demonstrate Wingardium Leviosa, or the flying power of a Golden Snitch?
  • Is it possible to stupefy someone?
  • And many more!

Often perceived as a supernatural force, magic captivates and delights its audience because of its seeming ability to defy physics and logic. But if you’ve ever wondered if science has any explanation for such fantastic feats, The Science of Harry Potter examines the scientific principles behind some of your favorite characters, spells, items, scenes, and even games like Quidditch and Wizard’s Chess.

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ISBN-13: 9781631582387
Publisher: Racehorse Publishing
Publication Date: November 13th, 2017