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There’s a reason the tongue has more muscles than any other body organ…

When Jade’s invited to Madison’s house for another secret sex party, she can’t wait to see what her friend has dreamed up this time. When she arrives at her home on the scheduled night, she finds a group of strangers lounging around a large padded mat in the middle of her living room.

Madison explains that the game will involve a series of rounds where two random people will each pick a card from a deck. The person picking the high card gets to choose which body part to kiss, and the person with the low card must receive the kiss in the selected place.

The game starts out innocently enough with the first male/female couple choosing to kiss only on their lips. But as the couple proceeds to demonstrate the most slow, sensuous display of oral intimacy, the other participants begin to squirm in anticipation of the next step.

As each round becomes more adventurous and risqué, gay, lesbian, and same-sex couples begin exploring progressively more titillating erogenous zones, until everyone is fully naked and dripping in excitement…

The Kiss is book 47 in the lesbian erotica series Jade's Erotic Adventures. Each story in the series involves a unique setting in which the central character, Jade, experiences another exciting escapade with a mix of new (male, female, and transgender) partners.

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ISBN-13: 1230005486724
Publisher: Victoria Rush
Publication Date: March 21st, 2022