Covid-19 Updates

Update 5/8/2020: Booklovers! We have news for you:

1) If you have internet access PLEASE place your orders online instead of calling the store. We are shortstaffed and our lines and staff are overwhelmed assisting folks who do not have access to internet / a computer.

2) Starting May 8th you will be able to pick up your paid order(s) in our vestibule. We discontinued this service in an effort to help flatten the COVID19 curve and have taken great consideration in revisiting offering it. Our booksellers feel Vestibule Pickup is a low-risk option for local customers so we are relaunching it. We will offer it indefinitely; until we reopen or until there is new information that asks us to operate differently for the safety of ourselves and our community. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we create and navigate protocols to keep us safer.

HOW IT WORKS (Please read)

- Vestibule Pickup hours are Monday through Sunday 12pm to 4pm.

- Your order will be in a bag, stapled shut for privacy, in our vestibule with your full name and web order number on it.

- If there is already someone in the vestibule when you arrive please wait on the sidewalk until their pickup is complete. We ask that our customers practice at least 6 feet social distance at all times.

- Please do not open the second set of doors that lead into the bookstore for any reason. No one is allowed inside the bookstore except booksellers who are practicing six foot physical distancing at all times.

- To utilize Vestibule Pickup place a web order and choose VESTIBULE PICKUP at checkout.

- You have to pay for your order(s) via the website with a debit/credit card. All orders must be prepaid. We are not running any payments or taking cash at the store.

- If your book(s) is in stock at our location, the turnaround time could be as soon as same-day; If we have to order books from our warehouse, you will have to wait until they arrive at the store before picking them up in the vestibule.

- Your order is not ready for pick up when you get an email that says your order has been COMPLETED. The COMPLETED email means we have processed your order on our website and have accepted payment for it. Please wait until you receive an email from us that says YOUR ORDER IS READY FOR PICK UP IN OUR VESTIBULE before coming to pick up your order.

Thank you for your support and business. We are so glad and grateful to be able to get books, entertainment, and other worlds into your hands while our world is full of so much new challenge.


Your Room Booksellers

Update 4/1/2020: Hello booklovers! We have sent our staff to work from home for the foreseeable future and will only be having one person (an owner) in the store every day. We will be shipping books directly from our warehouse when possible and have changed our shipping prices ($3 for first book, .50 cents for each book after) to reflect that. Thank you so much for your continued support, patience, understanding, and bookloving.

Update 3/23: Hello friends! We are suspending the Madison-area delivery option for the time being, as we are overwhelmed and with the safer-at-home order coming into effect tomorrow, it seems inappropriate to be sending our staff driving all over town. If you are still waiting for your delivery, we appreciate your patience! We will likely be switching to media mail delivery options and will let you know individually if your order is going to be coming by mail rather than our staff delivering. We are currently working as much as possible while keeping our staff safe (and asking them to stay home if they are at all sick), so we will be in touch soon if you have an order pending--possibly in the next day or two. Please note that our response time will likely increase as we cut back on staff being in the store, for everyone's safety. We are working to get your books to you as soon as is safely possible. Thank you so much for your outpouring of support--we love you so much and are glad to be there for you as much as we can during this pandemic.

Update 3/19: Wow, we have been floored, humbled, energized, and a little overwhelmed by the outpouring of support! Thank you so much to everyone who has placed web orders, called us, and sent supportive messages! We are processing as quickly as we can, but the high volume means we are running about a day behind on processing. We plan to catch up over the weekend.

New today: You can now purchase and redeem online gift codes on our website! These are only redeemable on our website for paper books and related products like puzzles--unfortunately they cannot be used on Kobo ebooks or audiobooks, both of which have their own internal gift code programs. When you purchase the code, our staff will process the order (which means it may take a bit for the code to get sent!) and the recipient will get emailed a code to use on our website. The code is a string of numbers that they copy and paste into the 'Online Gift Code' option of the web order checkout process, under 'payment methods'.

If you would like to purchase a paper gift certificate, just like the ones we issue in store, you can now do so in any amount you wish through our website! We will create the paper gift certificate and snail-mail it to the recipient. These will eventually be redeemable online, but for now please call the store if you need to use one.

Update 3/16: As of today, A Room of One's Own will be closed to the public for the near future (at least through this week). -please call (608) 257-7888 or place a web order online. We will update this page with more links and information as things change.

As a space in which a lot of physical interaction takes place (people touch books as they browse), and which is not essential to public health during this crisis, we are taking steps to do our part to help flatten the curve and undercut the spread of COVID-19 in the Madison community. We want to increase social distance for our employees and our beloved customers.

We have made the above decisions to lessen exposure for our booksellers and our bookish community, to the global and national emergency that is the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking protective measures to help flatten the curve of infection out of love and responsibility for our community. We hope that, months from now, our precautions look like an overreaction--that will mean they worked.

Although we are curtailing your in-store shopping options, we are expanding other ways for you to engage with us and get the books you want or need more safely during this unprecedented time!

  • $1 shipping/book for all U.S. orders
  • free Madison-area curbside book delivery
  • cancelling face-to-face events
  • buy gift certificates to use later or by phone ($10, $20, or $50)
  • quarantine book lists
  • uplifting and informative social media content on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

We believe books and book reading help us feel human and connected and help us to imagine worlds outside our current one. We want to remain accessible to you for book buying without contributing to unnecessary exposure. We hope you utilize our book lists and order online, or take advantage of our partnerships with for digital audiobooks and Kobo for ebooks. We very much want to put books in your hands and for you to have sturdy, enlightening, and diverting TBR piles through this new time that is pushing us to be cautious with ourselves and our community.

As always, we appreciate and are grateful for your continued support and your endless love of books,


Your Room Booksellers