The Road of Time: The Book That Changes Everything We Know about Time (Paperback)

The Road of Time: The Book That Changes Everything We Know about Time By Philippe Guillemant Cover Image
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This book completely changes our understanding of time, by showing how the future influences our present. It demonstrates that our thoughts, especially our intentions, necessarily influence the creation of our reality long before our actions. This concerns our future and not our present, contrary to the na ve idea that the observer could create their own reality, derived from quantum physics.

The result is a true revelation of our creative role in the universe, which implies that our primary nature is spiritual in essence, meaning that pure love exists, not as a product of brain chemistry but as an energy more fundamental than gravitation or light, related to our free will through extra dimensions of space-time.

Dr Philippe Guillemant also conducted a real experiment regarding strange coincidences and particularly synchronicities, after having discovered why and how it is possible to provoke them. Equipped with this "practical manual," the reader can also try it out.

Written by a physicist, The Road of Time nevertheless reads like a novel.

"This is now starting to be mainstream physics."

Jacques Vall e

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ISBN: 9791096132706
Publisher: Talma Studios
Publication Date: July 14th, 2018
Pages: 280
Language: English