A Comprehensive Book on Experimental Pharmaceutics (Hardcover)

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How often we find ourselves struck while performing practicals and experiments related to formulation of dosage forms, where the doubts related to selection of ingredients, evaluation parameters and also during final compilation of results as tables and figures. This book aims at providing the state of the art information about formulation, excipients, analysis and operating procedures in the simplest of the way to make formulation and understanding of the subjects easy.

This book contains basic principles of experiments along with procedures for carrying them out. The contents vary from experimental details, UV-TLC analysis of drugs and dosage forms, release kinetics graphs and calculations, optimisation techniques, standard operating procedures, IR of commonly used drugs, polymer and surfactants detail, systems of weights and measures and information about often used drugs. The exclusive feature of this book is incorporation of experiments related to formulation along with the estimation of pharmacokinetic properties of drugs based on biological samples.

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ISBN: 9789388305549
ISBN-10: 938830554X
Publisher: Pharmamed Press
Publication Date: January 1st, 2021
Pages: 256
Language: English