The Engineer & the Vaccine (Paperback)

The Engineer & the Vaccine Cover Image
By Steven Raimondi, Hartsook (Illustrator), Laura Duggan (Editor)
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Are you afraid of needles? When young Jimmy's mom tells him he will be getting a vaccination shot in the morning, he is very afraid. What should he do? Luckily for Jimmy, his grandfather has just the story he needs to feel better. Journey back in time to the age of the steam locomotive to see how an engineer, Engine #7, and an angry man help save a town. Lovingly illustrated by Laurie Hartsook, author Steven Raimondi's words come alive and show that with a little help from people we love, we can do anything

Young Jimmy is told by his mother that he is due for his vaccination shot, but Jimmy is very afraid. The next morning, Jimmy's grandfather stops by with a story from his past that helps Jimmy feel better. Many years ago, Jimmy's grandfather was a railroad engineer living in a small town. One day, a stranger arrives at the local hotel, but isn't feeling very good. When he faints, the town doctor determines he has smallpox, a very infectious and dangerous disease. Everyone must be quarantined and the town folks must isolate. Luckily, a vaccine has been developed to prevent folks from getting smallpox. Now, Jimmy's grandfather was afraid of needles, but to save the town and with a little help from a new friend, he was able to overcome his fear. Jimmy's grandfather travels to the next town to bring the vaccine to the rescue

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ISBN: 9781737991113
ISBN-10: 173799111X
Publisher: Stevens Steam Books
Publication Date: November 19th, 2021
Pages: 30
Language: English