Toxicon and Arachne (Paperback)

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In Toxicon & Arachne, McSweeney allows the lyric to course through her like a toxin, producing a quiver of lyrics like poisoned arrows. Toxicon was written in anticipation of the birth of McSweeney's daughter, Arachne. But when Arachne was born sick, lived brie fly, and then died, McSweeney unexpectedly endured a second inundation of lyricism, which would become the poems in Arachne, this time spun with grief. Toxicon & Arachne is the culmination of eight years of engagement with lyric under a regime of global and personal catastrophes.
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ISBN: 9781643620183
ISBN-10: 1643620185
Publisher: Nightboat Books
Publication Date: April 7th, 2020
Pages: 112
Language: English