The Adventures of TEKO: His Magic of Being a Service Dog (Paperback)

The Adventures of TEKO: His Magic of Being a Service Dog By Barbara Ann Ellicott Cover Image
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Dr. Ellicott has always been a lover of animals, especially dogs. She loved all the ones in her possession, starting with Bingo, then Shelly, then Teddy, then Andrew, and now TEKO She loved them all and had a place in her heart for each of them TEKO, who had traveled from North Carolina to a New Jersey shelter, was asleep when Dr. Ellicott first saw him. The sign on his cage said TKO (Total Knock Out). When they first met, he was a "gentleman" and acted like a "gift from heaven" He always wanted to please and followed commands well. He is extremely intelligent and has a phenomenal memory for people and places. His empathy is profound. He seems to read her emotions. Dr. Ellicott discovered that TEKO wanted to be a service dog. She needed help with balancing and directions. She was recovering from progressive heart failure, said to be caused by he having had Lyme disease. TEKO, by nature, appeared to be caring for her difficulties.

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ISBN: 9781641513357
ISBN-10: 1641513357
Publisher: Litfire Publishing
Publication Date: February 8th, 2018
Pages: 56
Language: English