Association/12 (Hardcover)

Association/12 By Garnet Bernier (Editor), Juan Lopez (Editor) Cover Image
By Garnet Bernier (Editor), Juan Lopez (Editor)
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ASSOCIATION is a student designed and edited publication that gathers work from students, faculty, staff, and alumni across Cornell University's College of Architecture, Art, and Planning in a single semi-annual volume.

An anthology of projects from artists, architects, and planners, ASSOCIATION strives to highlight cross-disciplinary connections and reveal new relationships between the works produced by the three departments we represent. Through the careful curation and presentation of yearly submissions since 2005, each volume serves as a record of the work produced by the current AAP community, as well as a source of inspiration for years to come.

2020 has brought a wave of new changes to society and subsequently the field of architecture, art, and planning. Rises in social justice awareness, and new adaptations as a result of COVID-19 forced designers to figure out how to continue relentless creative efforts while dealing with social distancing, remote learning, and more transparent injustices in society. ASSOCIATION Volume 12 serves as a timepiece to record the work the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University has produced. How have the current social, political, and public health statuses altered the way designers think of and produce their work? A carefully curated collection of work across various design disciplines will seek to find answers to this question from the authors of the works as well as spark a internal discussion of the same matter from the reader.

With Contributions of Samuel Price, Juan Lopez, Garnet Bernier, Marina Bernardi, Monet Shibata, Gabriella Melton, Landon Hale, Lara Carolan.

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ISBN: 9781638409861
ISBN-10: 1638409862
Publisher: Cornell Aap Publications
Publication Date: March 1st, 2022
Pages: 60
Language: English
Series: Association