Winning Judo: Realistic and Practical Skills for Competitive Judo (Paperback)

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Winning Judo offers realistic and practical instruction for success in competitive judo. Written for beginner and experienced athletes, author Steve Scott shares the skills you need to be successful at all levels of competitive judo.

He will teach you how to train your body, enhance your competition skill set, and establish a winning mental game. You will learn how to

  • Understand the three levels of training intensity
  • Scout and read your opponents
  • Develop tactics for regaining and keeping your lead in the scoring
  • Manage tempo, pace, and positioning
  • And much more

Judo is based on sound principles of movement and biomechanics. Understanding how and why a technique works or doesn't work provides a solid advantage when under stress in competition. Steve will explain the proper ways to exploit

  • Success with throws
  • Managing transitions and defenses
  • Aggressive defenses that win matches
  • Ground fighting and breaking down your opponent
  • Defending against and initiating armlocks
  • Chokes and strangles

To be successful in judo, athletes and their coaches need clear objectives and informed knowledge of what to do during the ever-changing dynamics of a judo match. Steve Scott has developed and coached many competitors to championships at World, Pan American, and Olympic judo teams. Written by popular demand, he brings his lifetime of experience in one authoritative and focused book on winning in competitive judo.

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ISBN: 9781594399848
ISBN-10: 1594399840
Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Publication Date: June 4th, 2024
Pages: 283
Language: English