Tai CHI Push Hands: The Martial Foundation of Tai CHI Chuan (Hardcover)

Tai CHI Push Hands: The Martial Foundation of Tai CHI Chuan By Jwing-Ming Yang, David W. Grantham Cover Image
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A long-awaited intermediate tai chi book by one of the world's foremost authorities on tai chi chuan.

Tai Chi continues its impressive growth of popularity in the United States. It's no secret that tai chi has a significant impact on overall health and wellness, and why many are choosing this form of exercise.

  • 3.79 million practitioners USA (Statista 2017)
  • 100,000 new practitioners each year (over last 5 years)

Like other physical art/activity, tai chi has much more to offer beyond the beginner. A usual next step is tai chi push hands. This practice requires two people to engage in a variety of "light contact" moving and walking routines found within the tai chi form (kata).

Push hands practitioners

  • Begin to develop tai chi's advanced sensing, listening, and yielding skills
  • Take the first step developing tai chi as a martial art
  • Improve the power and structure of the body
  • Train the body to yield and deflect incoming force from an opponent
  • Gain the skills and confidence of stability when pulled, pushed, or tugged by an opponent (or even a pack of children or playful pets).

In this book, renowned tai chi master (Yang) presents traditional tai chi pushing hands to the many who are interested in pursuing a deeper experience, understand and feeling of tai chi practice.

Tai Chi if practiced beyond the basics, can have substantial influence upon how you travel through life. Imagine shedding the worry of slipping, falling or not being "strong enough". Imagine a body that you can command at will. Imagine having the vitality and endurance of ten years past. Imagine knowing yourself in such a way that fear of environment, fear of others, and fear of your own mind (can I do it?) are no longer obstacles to your pursuits and dreams.

This is some of what tai chi can offer to those who choose it.

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ISBN: 9781594398605
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Publisher: YMAA Publication Center
Publication Date: August 2nd, 2022
Pages: 276
Language: English