The Love Song of Monkey (Paperback)

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Neuroscientist and author Graziano has crafted a compelling fantasy based on a semi-plausible "what if." Imaginative, intelligent narrative...Twin ideas of forgiveness and mercy twist through this strange, moving, patiently wrought novel, making for a trippy but charming read."-Publishers Weekly

"An hilarious, dark, brittle take on post-modern medicine, love triangles, the dense emptiness of contemporary life, and the power of contemplative self-discovery. Part magic realism, part science fiction, part theater of the absurd, and part over-the-top, unrepentant spoof, this novel packs more into its few short pages than do most epic trilogies. Graziano has fabricated the rare kind of tale that the reader can honestly say ends much too quickly. Perfectly woven, self-enclosed, multifaceted . . . Kosinski's Being There sprinkled with a strong dose of Frankenstein . . . the kind of simplicity that speaks volumes."--Michael Mirolla, author of The Formal Logic of Emotion

"An amalgam of fairy tale, satire, science fiction, medical thriller, and soap opera. . . . It is difficult to fathom that a novel so brief can be so epic in scope. Inventive and deftly crafted, The Love Song of Monkey is a tale no reader will soon forget."--Eric Linder, Yellow Umbrella Books, Chatham, Massachusetts

In a surreal exile on the floor of the Atlantic, a young man faces his own death and his wife's infidelity. The Love Song of Monkey is a meditation on the simple, inexplicable, and lasting power of love, cast in the metaphor of a journey to the depths of the ocean floor. Precise and beautifully crafted, this modern fable is rich with humor and deep thought.

Michael S. A. Graziano, professor of neuroscience at Princeton University, is the author of the novella Hiding Places (New England Review), The Seclusion Zone (2007 fi nalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition), and The Intelligent Movement Machine (2008, Oxford University Press).

About the Author

Michael S. A. Graziano, PhD, is a professor of neuroscience at Princeton University. He is the author of the novella Hiding Places (New England Review, 1997), the literary novel The Seclusion Zone (finalist in the Faulkner-Wisdom Novella Category, 2007), and co-author of the popular science novel Hell Creek. His scientific articles have appeared in many journals, including Science

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