The Audacity of Goats (North of the Tension Line #2) (Hardcover)

The Audacity of Goats (North of the Tension Line #2) Cover Image
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All is not well north of the tension line. A series of unsettling nighttime incidents have left the islanders uncertain whether to be nervous or annoyed. Are they victims of an elaborate teenage prank, or is there a malevolent stranger lurking on the island? Meanwhile, out-of-state owners of a new goat farm seem to consider themselves the self-proclaimed leaders of the island; Pali, the ferry captain, is troubled by his own unique version of writer's block; and Ben, the captain's ten year-old son, appears to be hiding something. But it is only when the imperturbable Lars Olafsen announces his retirement, and Stella declares her candidacy for office, that the islanders realize trouble is brewing. Fiona must decide whether it is time to leave the island for good, or to make another reckless gamble.

Book two in the award-winning North of the Tension Line series, The Audacity of Goats is the continuing tale of Fiona Campbell, and her reluctant adventures among the pleasures, mysteries, and exasperations of small town life

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ISBN: 9780825308260
ISBN-10: 0825308267
Publisher: Beaufort Books
Publication Date: May 10th, 2016
Pages: 450
Language: English
Series: North of the Tension Line