The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples (Paperback)

The Eternal Frontier: An Ecological History of North America and Its Peoples By Tim Flannery Cover Image
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In The Eternal Frontier, world-renowned scientist and historian Tim Flannery tells the unforgettable story of the geological and biological evolution of the North American continent, from the time of the asteroid strike that ended the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, to the present day. Flannery describes the development of North America's deciduous forests and other flora, and tracks the immigration and emigration of various animals to and from Europe, Asia, and South America, showing how plant and animal species have either adapted or become extinct. The story takes in the massive changes wrought by the ice ages and the coming of the Indians, and continues right up to the present, covering the deforestation of the Northeast, the decimation of the buffalo, and other facets of the enormous impact of frontier settlement and the development of the industrial might of the United States. Natural history on a monumental scale, The Eternal Frontier contains an enormous wealth of fascinating scientific details, and Flannery's accessible and dynamic writing makes the book a delight to read. This is science writing at its very best -- a riveting page-turner that is simultaneously an accessible and scholarly trove of incredible information that is already being hailed by critics as a classic. Tim Flannery's account ... will fascinate Americans and non-Americans alike. -- Jared Diamond, author of Guns, Germs, and Steel No one before Flannery ... has been brave enough to tackle the whole pageant of North America. -- David Quammen, the New York Times Book Review Tim Flannery's book will forever change your perspective on the North American continent ... Exhilarating. -- John Terborgh, The New York Review of Books Full of engaging and attention-catching information about North America's geology, climate, and paleontology. -- Patricia Nelson Limerick, the Washington Post Book World Natural history par excellence. -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review) This gutsy Aussie may have read our landscape and ecological history with greater clarity than any native son. -- David A. Burney, Natural History A fascinating, current, and insightful look at our familiar history from a larger perspective. -- David Bezanson, Austin-American Statesman The scope of Flannery's] story is huge, and his research exhaustive. -- Lauren Gravitz, The Christian Science Monitor.

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ISBN: 9780802138880
ISBN-10: 0802138888
Publisher: Grove Press
Publication Date: April 17th, 2002
Pages: 432
Language: English