Tabbed Board Books: My First Numbers: Let's Get Counting! (My First Tabbed Board Book) (Board book)

Tabbed Board Books: My First Numbers: Let's Get Counting! (My First Tabbed Board Book) By DK Cover Image
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One boat or two kittens? It’s time to get counting! Parents and kids can explore the world of numbers together. Your child will learn from 1 through 10 in no time at all!

This fun number book is filled with different numbers of everyday objects, from adorable bouncing bunnies to flourishing flowers! Your little one will develop their sorting, matching and counting skills with ease.

Packed full of bright colorful photos, each page of this activity book is filled with all kinds of things for them to count, from balloons to pencils. This book is the perfect way to introduce babies and toddlers to their first numbers and develop early counting skills. 

Learning to associate numbers with images is exciting stimulation for early childhood development. Your little one will learn how to count things like how many laundry items are on the clothesline, and how many colors are in the rainbow. 

The board book has strong pages made specially for young children. The chunky tabs, on the top or the side, are easy to grab to help with early motor control. Each page is dedicated to a different number from 1-10 as well as introducing numbers up to 100 on the last pages. The labels are easy to read so they can sound each number with you! 

Preschoolers will quickly recognize the number on the tab, which will take them straight to the page with their favorite objects. The interactive reference book encourages kids to count and point out all the different everyday objects they know, for a rounded early learning reading experience for babies and up.

Let’s Get Counting!

   ⃦ Bright, clear photographs of everyday objects to count
   ⃦ Chunky tabbed pages to improve dexterity 
   ⃦ Easy-to-read text with names and descriptions

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ISBN: 9780756636043
ISBN-10: 0756636043
Publisher: DK Children
Publication Date: December 15th, 2008
Pages: 28
Language: English
Series: My First Tabbed Board Book