Book Clubs

vintage photo of several young women standing and talking with books


Did you know that Room offers a 10% discount to book clubs for the books they choose? We do--even if you don't meet at our store!

If you organize a book club or discussion group and need a space to meet, consider reserving our cozy meeting room. It's free--just email ahead to make sure nobody else has the room reserved for that day.

You can reserve meeting space and submit book club choices to us by filling out this quick and easy Book Club Form. You can submit the form as many times as you like for future meetings, too.

At our first opportunity, we will make online discount coupons specific to each book for your members to use on online orders. That coupon code will be included with your confirmation email after we have had a chance to review and schedule your club. 

Questions? Comments? Applause? Just email the events coordinator at roomreadings at