Staff Picks and Reviews

Room's staff love to recommend titles and answer questions about books! Click on our names below and you'll find some of our favorite titles in our favorite sections of the store!

Sandi's Picks. General fiction, gardening, mystery, cooking.

Nancy's Picks. Spirituality, general fiction, memoir, nonfiction, and more.

Gretchen's Picks. Science fiction, fantasy, graphic novels, picture books, cooking, LGBT.

Jess's Picks. Fiction, memoir, how-tos.

Sydne's Picks. Historical fiction, biography, nature, crafts, fiction, mystery.

Bob's Picks. Contemporary literature and poetry.

Jessie's Picks. Fiction, young adult, children's.

Eva's Picks. General fiction, Women's Studies, Graphic Novels, Gardening.

Meara's Picks. General fiction, Fantasy, memoir.