The Five More Books Pledge

Our mission to find 365+ people willing to pledge to buy as few as five MORE books from us this year has been going great. We suspected our customers value Room and want to keep their downtown independent bookstore strong and we were right! Please come in and see the pledges on our wall.

If you are willing to show your support, you can still request your name be added to our pledge board!

And please encourage your friends too!

Dear friends and booklovers, thank you for all the wonderful birthday wishes and for pledging! We feel truly grateful to have such great customers for the past 36 years in business.

About this event:
In this challenging and ever-changing bookselling climate, we have been facing some difficult choices. Decreasing sales in 2010 were particularly tough for our store. The 5 More Books Pledge was created so we can feel confident renewing our lease at the end of 2011. After some calculating, we realized we need to sell a minimum of five more books per day to stay strong and vital in this marketplace.

Our optimism was well founded! Spread the word to keep it going, share on your Facebook or Twitter accounts. If you already buy more books than you can read in a year, consider buying books as gifts, or purchase a gift certificate for your local public or school library.

We have the best customers anywhere and with your help Room will be around for a long time!

Sandi, Nancy and all the staff at Room

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Count me in!

Just saw the post about your store on Facebook through Our Lives Magazine. Count me in to purchase 5 more books this year from you. This was my favorite bookstore when I was at UW-Madison in college. I'm embarassed to say I work downtown on the square and I've forgotten about your bookstore. Well, forget no longer!

Debra Morse

5 or more books

You Rock! The books, the atmosphere, the knowledgeable staff, the quirky little gifts, I could go on and on about how much I love your store. Sign me up for 5 or more books this year.


Wow, thank you so much! We'll

Wow, thank you so much! We'll gladly put you down for the pledge, and hope we continue to impress in the future!

My Pledge

I love your bookstore. I went to school in Madison and love going back for visits. I was a frequent customer when I was a student and still stop by when I'm in town. My daughter plans to go to UW-Madison in a couple of years and I hope your bookstore is there for her.

I'm buying 4 books from you today and plan to do what I can to help. I receive your new releases newsletters and really enjoy them. I'm forwarding them on to friends as well. I'm sure we can drum up some more business for you!

Anu Varma

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your kind words and your support, Anu! We've got your name down on our pledge board--we so appreciate your support!

5 more books

Please add me to the pledge board! Thank you for helping me find a gift for my Dad this Christmas - I hadn't been into Room for a while and it reminded me that I love you guys! I am posting this to my Facebook page and hopefully will drum up a few more supporters that way.

Hi Ruth, thank you so much

Hi Ruth, thank you so much for your pledge and for spreading the word! We really appreciate it!


Just ordered 6 books online and will buy more later. I do not live in Madison but I have been shopping at Room for years when I come to town and hope to continue to be able to do so.
Kathleen Weibel

Kathleen, thank you so much

Kathleen, thank you so much for your continued support! We are happy to add your name to our pledge board.


I will pledge to buy at least 5 more books plus some of your wonderful music CDs. Room is a treasure.

Andrea, thank you so much!

Andrea, thank you so much! We're happy we can be here for you, and really appreciate you being here for us!


We are new transplants to Madison and we absolutely love a room of one's own. I pledge to buy at least 10 books from you in the coming year.



Thank you so much, Aparna! We

Thank you so much, Aparna! We really do appreciate your support, and we're flattered and honored to be such a positive part of your new life in Madison!


Judy Houck and Lisa Saywell pledge to buy five books each over the course of the year.

Thank you both so very much!

Thank you both so very much! We've got you each on our pledge board, and of course we look forward to seeing you!


I have one woman and two bookstores in my life. Room is my hometown bookstore. The other store is a small independent up north. You know I will be there for you. Put me down for at least one book a month! Kurt

Thanks Kurt! We always love

Thanks Kurt! We always love seeing you, and we really appreciate the support of you and your family.

5 More Books Pledge

I enjoy coming into the store to look for book gifts and see what's available when I have the time. At other times, I appreciate the convenience of ordering online when there is a particular book I know I will have to order. In the past, I have sometimes ordered books directly from small publishers, but I will now make a point of using ROOO's online ordering option, so that you can receive a share of those purchases, too. I just placed an order through your site for six new books from Chelsea Green. I hope you will accept this as the start of my pledge contribution for this year, and I will make a concerted effort to place all of my online book orders through ROOO in the future.

Thanks for offering this option. I'm wondering now if these online purchases qualify under the new "Frequent Buyer" program, of which I am also a member. I can understand it, if they don't. Is your discount/margin much different between in-store and online purchases?

I hope you are able to drum up the necessary support to extend your lease. Being in the educational software publishing business myself and experiencing a similar drop-off in sales due to Internet competition and the recession, I can definitely empathize with your dilemna.

All the best,
Rob Latousek

Hi Rob,   Thank you so

Hi Rob,


Thank you so much for this generous comment and for your support. We're glad we can make online ordering an option for you!

To answer your question, we can definitely credit your Frequent Feminist account if you make your orders online and choose the option pick up the books and pay for them in thestore. If you choose to pay for them through the online credit card system, however, we can't apply them to your Frequent Feminist account because of how the accounting and payments happen when people purchase items that way. 


Thank you so much!


I live in Maryland but would like to be added to your pledge board. I visited Madison when I attended my son's and daughter-in-law's wedding and fell in love with it!! I hope you continue to thrive!!
Best wishes!!

Hi Leslie, oh we're so glad

Hi Leslie, oh we're so glad to hear feedback like this, thank you! We really appreciiate your pledge.

Five More Books

A Room of One's Own is a Madison treasure. I pledge to buy five more books at AROOO than I did last year, and hope that many others will do the same. I have also emailed your information to as many friends as I can. Not all are in a position to purchase five more books, but those who cannot have agreed to shop there for books for themselves or gifts for others when they can. Best wishes always!

Marilyn A. Gardner

Hi Marilyn, we really

Hi Marilyn, we really appreciate your spreading the word and making the pledge!

Count Me In

Count me in, so that we don't count A Room of One's Own out!

~ Bobbi

Bobbi, thank you so much!

Bobbi, thank you so much!

book pledge

I live in Santa Fe and I was just notified of this opportunity re the Pledge. I was a loyal customer from the time of your opening until I moved in 1995 and I love the opportunity to buy from you online. Jennifer S.

Hi Jennifer, Thank you! We

Hi Jennifer, Thank you! We really appreciate your thinking of us, and we're happy we can offer the online ordering.


You must stay open!! My son is only 2 and I would love for him to experience this wonderful store growing up as I did. I pledge to buy at least 5 more books a year!

Thank you! We really

Thank you! We really appreciate it!


5 More Books

Sign me up.

Thank you, Jon!

Thank you, Jon!


Of course I will be happy to help and buy 5 more books this year than last.

Thank you so much! How would

Thank you so much! How would you like your name to appear on the pledge card that we'll hang up in the store?

betsy, lorna's friend

You can thank Lorna for sending me an email asking me to help keep you open.

I had no idea that I could buy your books on line. I'm seldom downtown now that I am retired so this is an easy way for me to buy books to keep you open.


The Future

AROOO is a unique and immensely valuable institution, and I am delighted to be able to support it now and in years to come with an assured purchase of books.

Alan Bickley

Thank you so much, Alan, we

Thank you so much, Alan, we really appreciate your support!

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