Feed by Mira Grant

Feed is about a brother and sister.

Feed is about a presidential campaign.

Feed is about what happens to the world when you can't trust the mainstream media but shouldn't leave your house.  Bloggers become the best source of information, and cute and cuddly fantasy e-books are the preferred escapist entertainment, because most of the action clips on news and entertainment sites involve zombies.

Did I forget to mention the zombies?

In the world of the Newsflesh trilogy, two experimental curative viruses have combined and gone airborne, escaping the lab. The parent viruses worked; 2014 became the year we cured cancer and put a stop to the common cold.  But combined as Kellis-Amberlee, there was a side effect.  2014 became the year the dead rose.  Now it's 2039.

Mira Grant shares a chilling vision of an America where the malls are closed, cars are armored, nobody has a tan, everyone owns blood-testing kits, and the CDC has become much more like the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI. No one gathers in groups - so how does Senator Ryman create interest and excitement for his bid for the presidency?  He invites along a promising young blogging team, which includes Shaun and Georgia Mason.

Georgia is the antithesis of the generic blonde scream queen, and between her dry sarcasm and her brother's sharp humor, the dialogue throughout the entire book is snappy and real and riveting.

The plot is diverting, the movement is fast-paced and satisfying.  I couldn't put it down and the ending was like a punch in the gut.  The second book in the trilogy comes out next May, and I can't wait.  Read it!

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ISBN: 9780316081054
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Published: Orbit - May 1st, 2010