Mark Z. Danielewski, author of The Familiar & House of Leaves

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017 - 6:00pm

A Room of One's Own welcomes acclaimed, genre-defying experimential fiction author Mark Z. Danielewski for a reading and book signing from his latest novel, The Familiar vol. 4!

About Mark Z. Danielewski: Mark Z. Danielewski was born in New York City and lives in Los Angeles. He is the author of the award-winning and bestselling novel House of Leaves, National Book Award finalist Only Revolutions, and the novella The Fifty Year Sword, which was performed on Halloween three years in a row at REDCAT. His books have been translated into multiple languages.

In May 2015, Pantheon released The Familiar (Volume 1): One Rainy Day in May, the first installment of his 27-volume novel about a young girl who finds a kitten. In their review of TFv1, the New York Times declared Danielewski "America's foremost literary Magus . . . He transmutes the pages of base books into rare new forms and formats." The Familiar (Volume 2): Into the Forest was released in October 2015, followed by The Familiar (Volume 3): Honeysuckle & Pain in June 2016. The Familiar (Volume 4): Hades will be available on February 7, 2017, accompanied by a North American tour.

About THE FAMILIAR vol.4: Hades: From the universally acclaimed, genre-busting author of House of Leaves comes the fourth volume of The Familiar, which brilliantly combines inventive visuals and a paradigm-shifting narrative to create a stunning multisensory reading experience.

When a viral video puts Xanther in the spotlight at school, her little white cat โ€” still slumbering, still unnamed โ€” offers the only escape, though it comes at a price. Not even Xanther's parents can deny the strange currents now shuddering around their eldest, touching off inexplicable happenings. Something greater is at hand, something awful is at stake. Entities troubling the dreams of the twins seem to have singled out Freya. Despite invitations to a gala at the Met, Anwar fears the solution to their financial difficulties might expose more than just his family to dangerous consequences. And all the while, faces unfamiliar to the Ibrahims draw closer and closer: Jingjing, in Singapore, clutching charms, boards a plane for Los Angeles; Cas and Bobby, with visions of Xanther in Mefisto's Orb, must elude attacks from the sky. Strangers collide โ€” though will those intersections lead to alliances or war? And does the dance at the heart of Volume 4 foreshadow the liberation of our better angels or the release of something else . . . determined to feast on the wings of hope?

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315 W. Gorham St.
Madison, WI 53703-2218
The Familiar, Volume 4: Hades Cover Image
ISBN: 9780375715006
Availability: Usually Ships in 1-5 Days
Published: Pantheon Books - February 7th, 2017